Making a Great Product Accessible to a Wider Audience  


It’s hard to beat the convenience of a car-wash. Really hard. Ultima set out to challenge this convenience with car care products of their own that would provide professional results that could last a whole season. The problem was that the existing brand didn’t do justice to the quality of the products. Only car-enthusiasts were buying. Ultima approached me to help rebrand their business and make their car care products more accessible. My mission was to help them bridge the gap between their products and their brand identity while positioning them to appeal to a wider audience. 


Ultima’s awareness exploded on Youtube, going from 200 to 200,000 views. The new branding reduced the number of bounce rates on the website, improved sales on Amazon, and increased social media engagement. 

A Powerhouse Product is Born

I redesigned several elements of their brand identity including for Ultima including their typography, website imagery, and video production. Together, we elevated their brand to feel more professional, more up to date, and more appealing to a younger audience.  


Identity Design

Video Editing


Video Production (Alex Mortensen)

Ultima sets out to create the highest-quality car care products on the market. They define high quality by 3 factors: ease of use, long-lasting results, and eco-friendly formulations. Ultima spent a lot of time testing and retesting their products against competitors to confirm they were on top. People noticed. Soon, other car care brands began buying formulations from Ultima’s manufacturing division, the Lab Zone. The problem was, only car enthusiasts were buying. Ultima needed to cast a wider net.

Flipping the Switch

Ultima’s goal was to appeal to a wider audience, millennials in particular. “We want to be younger and cooler,” said the CFO. We spent time honing in on Ultima’s selling points and mission statement to fit the new target demographic. I developed a mood board to outline the new visual direction we would take the

Ultima brand.

Defining the Brand

Ultima's rebrand called for a no-frills strip-down of their identity. They wanted their brand to feel as premium and high-quality as their product line but premium didn't feel like the right word. Instead, Ultima is dauntless. They are fearless and determined to make their mark on the car care industry.  

Meet Ultima - Clearly Different

We launched Ultima’s new brand on the website, Amazon, through social media, and on Youtube in the form of a brand video and several product specific videos.  

The New Kid on the Block

The response was slow at first but after gaining traction, Ultima got in front of the eyes of over 1 million people. Ultima saw a decrease in the bounce rate on their website, an increase in sales on Amazon, and an exponential increase in brand awareness.

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