A Dormant Brand Multiplies in Sales, 4 Months in a Row


Stand up paddleboards are a crowded niche. At the same time, iROCKER paddle boards are priced at a premium. iROCKER approached Amazowl to help optimize their content on Amazon and prepare for peak season. Our mission was to help them increase revenue on the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.


Since the launch of the new product listings and iROCKER Storefront, we have been able to 2x the number of orders, 4 months in a row, increasing revenue each month consecutively.

Into the Limelight

We redesigned iROCKER’s Amazon product listings from the ground up, looking closely at customer questions and feedback to correctly position the brand amongst their many competitors. In addition, we designed a new branded Storefront for them on Amazon to showcase their 2019 product line and their brand. 


Brand Strategy (Amanda Holt)

Copywriting (Caroline Adams)

Advertising (Mihaita Radu)

Content Creation (myself)


iROCKER thrives in the summer season with their premium line of inflatable stand up paddleboards. Their boards are packed with features and therefore, priced above the average stand up paddleboard. Customer’s weren’t buying, especially since they are selling on Amazon where potential customers are constantly price shopping. Shoppers couldn’t see why it was worth the higher price tag. 

Understanding the Customer

As someone who has never bought a stand up paddleboard, I had to get in the head of someone in the market for one. I spent time digging deep into reviews on iROCKER boards and their competitors to uncover customer pain points and motivating features.


From a competitor and customer analysis, I found 3 key attributes that people are searching for the most:     


1. Board Stability/Ease of Use

2. Durability Over Time

3. Portability

Content Redesign, the New Normal

Amazon Listing (EBC Content)


Knowing what to focus on, I began developing wireframes for the content. The hierarchy of information was clear to us and we knew we had to immediately define who the specific board was designed for which directly correlates to board stability, our first attribute.  

Content Redesign, the New Normal

Amazon Storefront


I designed the Storefront, a branded landing page on Amazon to showcase the iROCKER product line and brand. The goal for the landing page was to make it easy for shoppers to find the right board for them at a glance while also displaying their new 2019 brand video. We divided the content into blocks that detail each board model (Cruiser, All-Around, Sport). 


It was important for us to include a video above the fold because video content is the most viewed content on Amazon and the particular brand video we were working with did an excellent job showcasing portability, one of our key attributes.

An Eruption in Sales

After the launch of the new content in March of 2019, iROCKER saw sales immediately double in April. Numbers consistently grew month over month and by June, they had increased their monthly sales by 58%.

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